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The Word According To Manson
2000 Nightingale Records


1. MTV "Manson TV" Mechanical Animals Premier interview with Carson Daly 11:10
2. ACS Rockline Interview - 20 Questions Radio Interview 13:45
Enhanced Video Tracks
1. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy - Dope Hat - Lunchbox - Misery Machine - Thrift - My Monkey (36:26)
Rock On CD Rom bonus disc
1. Photo gallery of mostly ACS era pics
2. Video - Missie Romero Interview 1
3. Video - Missie Romero Interview 2
4. Video - Mrs. Scabtree "Herpes" rehearsal
5. Video - Mrs. Scabtee backstage
6. Video - Misery Machine live
7. Video - My Monkey live
8. Audio - ACS Rockline Interview - 20 Questions Radio Interview
9. Biography - A text-only interview from Chart magazine
10. Songs - A text discography, plus list of songs and an article about Mechanical Animals
11. Interviews - Text interview transcription from 4/11/96 K-Rock appearance, plus Manson's Rolling Stone article on the Columbine killings.
12. Trivia - more text interviews, articles, and rumors.

Liner notes:
The Word According To Manson features interviews and video enhanced material never before seen on Miarlyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. Manson talks for the first time about subjects that are essential to him. His music, religion, women, and money. Assembled from material supplied by Missie Romero, Rat Bastard Falestra, Chris Nicols and Will Raee. This piece of history will enthrall you and entertain you the more you watch and hear The Word According To Manson.

Part of the "Demystifying The Devil" series. Includes material from "Demystifying The Devil."

Another in a seemingly endless series of semi-bootleg titles (most from Nightingale/Eastworld) attempting to cash in on Manson's notoriety. I'm not sure how they manage to get these distributed legally, but these discs can frequently be found at major music retailers including Best Buy and Amazon.com.

The main CD only has two tracks, the 1998 Manson TV interview (which can also be found on Genesis of the Devil and From Obscurity To Purgatory) and a 1996 Interview from the Rockline radio show (also found on From Obscurity To Purgatory). And again, the enhanced video clip isn't anything special. It's just a small quicktime movie of the stuff you can see on the Birth Of The Anti-Christ DVD. On this disc, it takes most of the show and just dumps it all into one 36 minute track. At least this one includes Dope Hat.

The bonus CD Rom is interesting, though. It has a few quicktime movie clips of Missie Romero's interview from Demystifying The Devil, plus some Mrs. Scabtree footage that was not used in Demystifying. One track is the video footage from the version of Herpes that can be found on From Obscurity To Purgatory, while the other is just some footage of the band getting ready before the show. The two live Spooky Kids clips are surprisingly not from the Birth Of the Anti-Christ DVD, they're actually from a different show. The version of Misery Machine is the one from which the audio on Genesis Of The Devil was taken (the one that was supposedly the "first ever recording of Marilyn Manson").

The audio clip is useless because it was also included on the CD. And the text articles are mostly just swiped from the internet. But overall, because there is some footage in here that is otherwise unavailable, it might be worth getting for the hardcore fan.

I should also note that Norton Antivirus flagged the version of the Quicktime installer that comes with this disc as being infected with the W95.CIH virus. As long as you don't try to run the file, you should be fine, but if you don't alread have Quicktime, then don't install it from this disc!!!

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