Demystifying The Devil

2000 Nightingale Records

This one is another must-have DVD for Spooky Kids fans. It's a documentary about the Spooky Kids and the early nineties south Florida club scene. There are interviews with Manson's former girlfriend Missie Romero, original bass player Brian Tutunick (Olivia Newton Bundy), and several others who were close to the band back in the day. Most interesting are several of Manson's home movies that Missie provided. Some highlights are seeing Manson and Twiggy scaring old ladies at Disneyworld, Manson feeding a rabbit to a boa constrictor, Manson digging through some girls' underwear drawer (looking for the "crispy spot") and then Gidget sticking her tootbrush in his ass.

I should also mention that the DVD (which was released a couple of years after the VHS tape) has several spots which were edited out. One example I remember for sure is the rabbit scene, which cuts away as the snake attacks the rabbit on the DVD, but goes on longer on the VHS as the snake eats the fuzzy little critter.

The DVD is also worth getting because of the bonus interview with Gidget Gein, who agree to be interviewed after the original tape had been released. Gein talks about how he was kicked out of the band, and how he had friends in rehab who were willing to get even with Manson for him.

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