Birth Of The Anti-Christ
2000 Nightingale Records
1. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy
2. Dope Hat
3. Lunchbox
4. Choklit Factory
5. Strange Same Dogma
6. Misery Machine
7. Thrift
8. Cyclops
9. My Monkey
10. Misery Machine (After Midnight)
11. My Monkey (After Midnight)
12. Missie Romero interview
14. Mrs. Scabtree "Herpes" and backstage footage
13. Audio interview (MTV Mechanical Animals premiere)

This is one of the few DVD's bootlegs that is a must-have for Spooky Kids fans. It is basically a full early Spooky Kids bootleg video put on DVD. The quality is obviously 1st generation, and has been recycled on several other Nightingale/Eastworld releases in the bonus multimedia tracks. But here it is in full DVD quality.

It also has several worthwhile bonus tracks (that have again been recycled elsewhere) such as the Mrs. Scabtree footage, two songs from another show, and Missie Romero interview.

Don't waste your time with 1st Violation or Most Famous Hits unless you have to buy everything that says Manson on it. Just get this one instead.

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