Genesis Of The Devil
2001 Church Of The Perverted
Listed Songs
Actual Songs
1. Sam Son Of Man 1. Son Of Man
2. Strange Same Dogma 2. Strange Same Dogma
3. White Knuckles 3. White Knuckles
4. Interview With The Devil 4. Interview with Carson Daly
5. White Trash (live) 5. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy (live)
6. My Monkey (live) 6. My Monkey (live)
7. Misery Machine (live) 7. Misery Machine (live)
8. Lunchbox (live) 8. Choklit Factory - Strange Same Dogma (live)
9. Misery Machine (first ever recording of Marilyn Manson) 9. Misery Machine (live)

Track 1 from Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat / Birth Of The Anti-Christ
Track 2-3 from Funnel Zone
Track 4 from MTV "Manson TV" Mechanical Animals Premiere
Tracks 5-8 from Spooky Kids Live
Track 9 from another Spooky Kids show

Another in a seemingly endless series of semi-bootleg titles (most from Nightingale/Eastworld) attempting to cash in on Manson's notoriety. I'm not sure how they manage to get these distributed legally, but these discs can frequently be found at major music retailers including Best Buy and This disc also has a message on the back stating "Includes material from the home movie "Demystifying The Devil."

The second version of Misery Machine claims to be the "first ever recording of Marilyn Manson" which is hardly true. Misery Machine wasn't even written until 1992 when the band had been around for a couple of years already.

Except for the 2nd version of Misery Machine, all of this material has been released on other Nightingale/Eastworld discs. This CD should be avoided by anyone other than collectors.

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