1st Violation
2003 Waterfall Studios
1. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy
2. Dope Hat
3. Lunchbox
4. Choklit Factory
5. Strange Same Dogma
6. Misery Machine
7. Thrift
8. Cyclops
9. My Monkey
10. Misery Machine (After Midnight)
11. My Monkey (After Midnight)
12. Biography & Discography
13. Missie Romero interview with Mrs. Scabtree footage

Another rehash of the show that's found on

the Birth Of The Anti-Christ DVD. Much like Most Famous Hits, they letterbox all four sides of the picture to make it unnecessarily small, and put some media-player graphics in the background. In this version, there are annoying factiods that pop up on the screen occasionally.

The bonus features are the two extra live versions of Misery Machine & My Monkey, listed here as "extra gig After Midnight the next phase of Marilyn Manson's image." This footage can be found in audio and video form on several other of these bootleg releases. Also recyled from Demystifying The Devil is footage from the Mrs. Scabtree rehearsals, and the Missie Romero interview.

Overall, this disc is a waste of money, and is for collectors only.





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