Most Famous Hits: Birth Of The Antichrist
2003 Medusa Entertainment
Listed title Correct Title
1. Introduction
1. Charles In Charge remix
2. Sam, Son Of Man 2. Several short clips from Birth Of The Antichrist show
3. White Trash 3. Luci In The Sky With Demons / Cake & Sodomy (live)
4. Rock Is Dead 4. Rock Is Dead
5. Chocolate Factory 5. Dope Hat (live)
6. Dope Hat 6. Lunchbox (live)
7. God Eat God 7. God Eat God
8. Lunchbox 8. Choklit Factory (live)
9. Strange Same Dogma 9. Strange Same Dogma (live)
10. The Beautiful People 10. The Beautiful People
11. Misery Machine 11. Misery Machine (live)
12. Thrift 12. Thrift (live)
13. Valentine's Day 13. Valentine's Day
14. Cyclops 14. Cyclops (live)
15. My Monkey 15. My Monkey (live)
16. Guitar's End (Final Credits) 16. End Credits (music not by Manson)

I bought this German DVD because I saw that it had Son Of Man listed, as well as some other Spooky Kids tracks. I thought that they might have uncovered some more early SK performances, since Son Of Man was not on the other Birth Of The Antichrist DVD. Instead, this was a total waste of money, which shouldn't have surprised me.

First of all, they can't even spell Manson's name right, with "Marylin Manson" listed in big lettering on the cover. Most of the Spooky Kids tracks are just taken straight from the Birth Of The Antichrist DVD, only they letterbox the picture on all four sides and tilt it (making it unnecessarily small) and putting some graphics in the background that look like one of the visualizations out of Windows Media Player. The other tracks from Mechanical Animals or Holy Wood aren't even live tracks, they're simply slideshows of random images of Manson, planets, sunspots, nebulae, and computer generated graphics while the album version of the track plays in the background.

And as usual, the tracks names are wrong. The Intro is simply the Charles In Charge/Wrong Radio Noise remix from Dancing With The Antichrist, with a slideshow of some random Manson pics over it. Several of the other tracks are wrong, and it's funny to see "Dope Hat" displayed on the screen while Lunchbox starts instead.

Don't waste your money on this. It should be avoided by anyone other than collectors.









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