Original 2000 cover

2003 reissue



Spooky Kids Live
2000 Nightingale Records
Listed Songs
Actual Songs
1. White Trash 1. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy 10:09
2. Dope Hat 2. Lunchbox 6:12
3. Lunch Box 3. Choklit Factory - Strange Same Dogma 10:00
4. Misery Machine 4. Misery Machine 5:30
5. Thrift 5. Thrift 6:44
6. Cyclops 6. Cyclops 4:02
7. My Monkey 7. My Monkey 3:50
Enhanced Video Tracks
1. Luci In The Sky With Demons - Cake & Sodomy
2. Cyclops
3. My Monkey

Liner notes:
Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids Live, recorded in 1990 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. This recording is the first recorded live album by America's indisputable king of Glam, Goth Rock, Marilyn Manson. Featuring unkown tracks that have never been heard on any of his later albums. Assembled from material supplied by Missie Romero, Rat Bastard Falestra, Chris Nicols and Will Raee.

This piece of history will enthrall you and entertain you the more you watch and hear Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids Live.

Another in a seemingly endless series of semi-bootleg titles (most from Nightingale/Eastworld) attempting to cash in on Manson's notoriety. I'm not sure how they manage to get these distributed legally, but these discs can frequently be found at major music retailers including Best Buy and Amazon.com.

The liner notes claim to be from 1990, but judging from the set list I'd say it's more likely from late 1991. The same live footage can also be found on the Birth Of The Antichrist DVD, although the beginning of Luci In The Sky goes a little longer on the CD, with Scott playing a little instrumental part on the guitar. Dope Hat is missing, though you can hear the "who put the goddamn hat on the bed" sample from the end at the beginning of Lunchbox.

The enhanced video clips aren't anything special, though. They're just small quicktime movies of the stuff you can see on the DVD.


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