Original 2000 cover

2003 reissue




Birth Of The Anti-Christ
2000 Nightingale Records
Listed Songs
Actual Songs
1. Wrong Radio Noise 1. Charles In Charge
2. Sam Son Of Man 2. Son Of Man
3. Strange Same Dogma 3. Strange Same Dogma
4. My Monkey 4. My Monkey
5. TV TV 5. IV-TV
6. Red Head 6. Red (In My) Head
7. Telephone 7. Bitchy Beginnings Of An Oversexed Twelve Year Old - The Nighthawks (aka Talk Of One, Thought Of None)
Enhanced Video Tracks
1. Luci In The Sky With Demons
2. Cake And Sodomy
3. Choklit Factory
4. Thrift
5. My Monkey

Liner notes:
Birth of the Anti-Christ feature the first studio performances of one of the world's greatest performers, Marilyn Manson with his band the Spooky Kids. Recorded in 1990 by record producer Rat Bastard Falestra, and Marilyn Manson's then girlfriend Missie Romero, this enhanced CD shows not only video footage of the little known Marilyn Manson but also recordings of the band as never heard before. With songs such as My Monkey, Strange Same Dogma and Sam Son Of Man. Assembled from material supplied by Missie Romero, Rat Bastard Falestra, Chris Nicols and Will Raee.

This piece of history will enthrall you and entertain you the more you watch and hear Birth of the Anti-Christ.

Another in a seemingly endless series of semi-bootleg titles (most from Nightingale/Eastworld) attempting to cash in on Manson's notoriety. I'm not sure how they manage to get these distributed legally, but these discs can frequently be found at major music retailers including Best Buy and Amazon.com.

These tracks were recorded in Jan/Feb 1990 and are the Spooky Kids earliest professional recordings. These are the versions that can be found on the Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat, with the exception of Strange Same Dogma (which is unique to this release) and Charles In Charge, which was used as a live intro and simply samples and distorts the tv show theme song. IV-TV and Red (In My) Head can both be found in remastered form on Lunchboxes & Choklit Cows.

This disc is excellent studio-master tape quality and highly recommended to any Spooky Kids fan. The video clips aren't anything special, though. They're just small quicktime movies of the show that's on the Birth Of The Anti-Christ DVD and Spooky Kids Live CD.

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