Some Sung These Songs For Satan
Volume One: Side Right    
1. Blender 3:03 Sndtrk
2. Dreams Of Amputation 3:09 Sndtrk
3. Kill House 7:07 Sndtrk
4. Red In My Head 4:39 BBB
5. Son Of Man 4:49 BMCB
6. IV-TV 4:29 BMCB
7. Talk Of One, Thought Of None 3:05 BMCB
8. Meat For A Queen 3:06 GOL
9. She's Not My Girlfriend 4:45 GOL
10. Junk The Magic Dragon 5:06 BMCB
Side: Wrong    
11. Devil In My Lunchbox 3:28 SOF
12. Number Nine Pt. 2 (aka Blood Shit & Cum) 3:35 SOF
13. Number Nine Pt. 3 (aka Those Fuckin' Bitches) 3:39 SOF
14. Cat In The Hat 4:21 SOF
15. Justify My Love 3:48 SOF
16. White Knuckles 2:34 BBB
17. My Monkey 5:00 BBB
18. Strange Same Dogma 3:55 BBB
19. Dune Buggy 4:29 GOL
20. Cake & Sodomy 3:39 GOL
21. Negative 3 4:44 ASS

Someone Sung These Songs For Satan V. 1
Volume Two: Side Good    
1. Lunchbox 4:58 ASS
2. Choklit Factory 6:49 ASS
3. Cyclops 4:05 ASS
4. Dune Buggy 4:30 LB
5. Learning To Swim 4:17 LB
6. Cake & Sodomy 3:45 LB
7. Strange Same Dogma 3:47 FZ
8. White Knuckles 2:19 FZ
9. Dope Hat 4:29 Ref
10. Strange Same Dogma 4:00 FJ
Side Evil  
11. Let Your Ego Die 3:55 FJ
12. Thingmaker 4:06 FJ
13. White Knuckles 2:18 FJ
14. Luci In The Sky With Demons 5:55 FJ
15. Cake & Sodomy 4:31 LAH / Ref
16. Suicide Snowman 5:22 LAH / Ref
17. Lunchbox 5:04 LAH / Ref
18. Learning To Swim 4:04 LAH
19. My Monkey 5:01 LAH / Ref
20. Misery Machine 4:41 LAH



Someone Sung These Songs For Satan V.2
Volume Three : Side Love    
1. Thrift 6:02 Ref
2. Filth 4:38 Ref
3. Wrapped In Plastic 6:17 Ref
4. Insect Pins 5:45 Port Demo
5. Magic 8 Ball 4:14 Port Demo
Side Hate  
6. Scaredy Cat 4:28 Port Demo
7. Sweet Tooth 5:11 Port Demo
8. Get Your Gunn 4:20 Port Demo
9. Snake Eyes & Sissies 6:26 Port Demo



Someone Sung These Songs For Satan V.3

This is a three cassette bootleg from 1997, back before CD recorders were common. In a post to, Gagfish described it as such:

Gagfish Records still has a few copies for it's infamous box set SOMEONE
SUNG THESE SONGS FOR SATAN.  The 3 tape compilation contains every Marilyn
Manson and the Spookykids demo song, including each version, in
chronological order.  The set also has 9 never released tracks including
"Insect Pins" and "Magic Eight Ball".  All songsare digitally remastered
and are the best quality available - even better than the import CDs!  The
covers contain original artwork by Manson himself drawn during this era.
The set comes with a 5 page booklet explaining the history of the band and
these recording.THESE ARE NOT COPIES.  They are professionally
manufactured cassettes from the master recordings.

For a limited time this set is only $25 and postage is FREE.  Samples are
available on our website as well as our whole catalog and ordering
instructions.  Please check it out at

The tapes weren't actually from studio masters, but they were from original Spooky Kids demos that Gagfish had obtained, or at least very low generation copies. Gagfish had the tapes professionaly duplicated for the best quality possible, and this set remains one of the best sources for Spooky Kids material. Unfortunately for Gagfish, his bootlegging operation got a little too professional and attracted the attention of the RIAA and he got shut down as detailed in this post. I was one of the people who had ordered a copy of this tape shortly before he made the announcement, but a few weeks later my copy arrived in the mail, and I was not disappointed.

The tape set also included an 8 1/2 x 11" booklet with a history of the band and a discography that was as accurate as anyone knew at the time, but now is know to have a few errors about the early material.

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