The Family Jams

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Side Ma
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Side Pa
4. Thingmaker
5. White Knuckles
6. Luci In The Sky With Demons

A couple small pictures of an original copy:

Liner Notes:
c1992 Berkowitz/Manson

All lyrics written by Manson and all Music by Berkowitz and Gein with additional music by Gacy except "Dope Hat", written by Manson and Berkowitz. The Family Jams was recorded in live warehouse sessions during 1991 and 1992 on a Tascam Port-One 4-Track recorder, bitch, and was produced and mixed by Daisy Berkowitz with the assistance of Kurt Moody. It's not the equipment, it's the technique.

Daisy Berkowitz: guitars, harmonica
Gidget Gein: bass, fuzz bass, cat shit
Madonna Wayne Gacy: theremin, musette, Hammond 83, cunt sequence, harpsichord, brass, sampled guitar, bass and voices
Sara Lee Lucas: drums, digital programs
Marilyn Manson: character distortion, sore throat.

For Merchandise write to
P.O. Box 191190
Miami Beach, Flordia 33139

Special thanks go to Charlie Logan, Morgan, Paul Jenkins "the king of copies," Deidre, Laura Taylor and all at Players Magazine, Mia and Tanya, Glen Richards, WKPX, Bob Slade, WVUM, King Missile, Factory Black, Mort Dillon, John Waters, Gen and the Genitorturers, Posrface, Jessica (the dope mama), Arleen Mama, Mrs. Scabtree, Wade, Jen #1 and all the Florida lunchbox girls association, Norma, Flashbacks, Jeremy of Sinful Lust, Independent Sound, Arden Moody, Crispin Glover, Angel, Carrie Cardoor, Bill "bitch pussy" Lamorey, TJ, Brad Gaskill, Tim, Sister Venus, Mitch Comestain, Lydia, Joanne D., Adrianne and Duke, Jason Morgan, Wade and his girlfriend, Holly, Mephisto Waltz Dancers, Anton Lavey, The Biers, Hugh and Barb, Missy Freakwhore, Alan Hurtz, Charles Nelson Riley, Black Francis, Subculture, Donovan (tattoos), Charles (hor), Wendy (hairdos), Marsha (drugs), Holly and Stew, Open Records, Uncle Sam's, Big Dick from Y&T, everyone we have forgotten to mention unless we have done so purposefully.

Notes: This demo takes its title from the name of Charles Manson's band, The Family Jams. It featured two new recordings of old favorites ("White Knuckles" and "Strange Same Dogma") plus four new songs. Dope Hat is the same version that also appears on Refrigerator, the only difference is that that version does not have the Charles Manson interview at the beginning. "Luci In The Sky With Demons" is the song that is incorrectly referred to as "White Trash" on several of the Nightingale/Eastworld bootlegs, including Spooky Kids Live. Also, notice that there's some lyrics that were later used on the b-side "Revelation Number Nine" and also ACS' "Angel With The Scabbed Wings."

"Thingmaker" appears on Lunchboxes and Chocklit Cows, while "Luci" and "Let Your Ego Die" appear on the as-yet-unreleased Spooky Kids Volume 2.

Dope Hat

"Manson family, your friends
The Manson family, was a music group
The music group I had was called the Family Jams
and all the girls sang in the music group
and all the guys played in the music group
It had nothing to do with the cult
It was a music group"

The great Hoo Doo, oh-ho, will perform a feat of prestidigitation!

I peek into the hole
I struggle for control
The children love the show
But they fail to see the anguish in my eyes
Fail to see the anguish in my eyes

I scratch around the brim
I let my mind give in, yeah yeah
The crowd begins to grin
But they seem to scream when darkness fills my eyes
It's no surprise
It's no surprise

Prepare to meet, oh-ho, your doom!

Fail to see the tragic, turn it into magic
My big top tricks will always make you happy
But we all know the hat is wearing me

My bag is in the hat
It's filled wit