Demos & Remixes - Blue Moon Records
aka The 5000 Fingers of Marilyn Manson
aka The Dark Adventures of Marilyn Manson
1. Cake and Sodomy 4:23
2. Suicide Snowman 5:09
3. Lunchbox 4:56
4. Learning To Swim (listed as "Learning") 3:50
5. My Monkey 4:50
6. Misery Machine 4:33
7. Dope Hat 4:48
8. Strange Same Dogma 4:02
9. Let Your Ego Die 3:58
10. Thingmaker 4:07
11. Next Motherfucker (remix) 4:50
12. Brown Bag (remix) 6:22
13. Metal (remix) 5:25
14. Lunchbox (High School Dropouts) 4:35
15. Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn 5:41

Tracks 1-6 from Live As Hell (cover says from Refrigerator, but Learning To Swim and Misery Machine were not included on that)
Tracks 7-10 from The Family Jams
Tracks 11-14 from Lunchbox CD single
Track 15 from Get Your Gunn CD single

These are some decent quality copies of these demos, with minimal tape hiss and a clear sound. Dope Hat does include the Charles Manson intro, but White Knuckles and Luci In The Sky With Demons are left off so that they could put the Lunchbox and GYG remixes on here.









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