Okay, I'm not sure what the story is behind this article. It's from an Italian magazine called Rock Power and it appears to be a "shock rock" special judging by the bands listed on the cover. The article references ACS and Mechanical Animals, so it was probably published around 1998 or so, but judging from the fact that Manson is wearing both blue contacts, I'd guess this performace is from late '93 or early '94. I'm not sure who the girl is, but I'd presume it's Manson's girlfriend at the time, Missie Romero. And it's just a guess, but what do you bet they were playing "Wrapped In Plastic?" A b&w shot from this show was also used in this undated flyer.

Anyone with more details on this show, or a higher resolution scan of the article is encouraged to write me at huntermc@spookykids.net.