From Heavy Metal Hot Shots, December 1986

A Touch Of Madness

by (No Author Credited)

For every band there comes a moment of decision, the time when it becomes clear if that group is destined for greatness or merely a footnote in the rock history books. For W.A.S.P. that moment of decision is at hand. Vocalist Blackie Lawless, guitarist Chris Holmes, drummer Steve Riley and new bassist Johnny Rod know that with the release of their third LP, Inside The Electric Circus, they stand at the crossroads of their career. Will the band's blood and guts sound catapult them to the top of the metal sweepstakes? Or will their often outrageous attitiude mire them in the no-man's land of opening act anonymity? The ever confident Lawless feels he knows the answer.

"We've learned a lot from what's gone down with us over the last couple of years," Blackie said. "If you don't, you can be in big trouble. We want really big success, and we're not ashamed to admit it. We know what we hae to do to get it. No, we're not going to sell out to radio or MTV, but we are going to tone down the image a bit. There isn't going to be any blood from now on. That's in the past. Doing that got us the attention we wanted intitally, but now it's time to move on."

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