from Hit Parader August 1986

W.A.S.P. - Blood Sweat And Tears

Blackie And The Boys Prepare Next Step In World Metal Conquest

by Russel Hogan

"If I pass out during this conversation, you'll know why!'' The warning was from Blackie Lawless, a performer known more for his endurance than for fainting spells. W.A.S.P.'s doctor had just finished his official visit to the musician's L.A. home, and as the little black bag closed, Blackie was ready to speak.

"I've gotten blood from so many different sources that they felt it was about time to take some back!" W.A.S.P.'s leader joked, though a band spokesman assured the blood test had been taken for standard insurance reasons. But was the Lawless one's claim a hint at some vampiristic habit? After all, rumors of the band's strange practices had helped cause cancellations of W.A.S.P. concerts on their first tour of Great Britain and Europe.

Speaking of cancellations, the threat of concert difficulties seems to loom continuouslv for W.A.S.P. In fact, the current tour is drawing close attention from a group of politicians based in San Antonio, Texas, and memos are circulating among booking agents and promoters, threatening arrests and other action if songs like Animal (Fuck like A Beast) are included in the band's show.

''I won't say to what degree we've been threatened personally, because I don't want to give anyone any ideas. But if I go down because of this." Blackie said defiantly, "it's going to be the biggest mistake they've ever made!"

Obviously, tapping the head W.A.S.P.'s blood supply had done nothing to weaken him. He continued in an angry tone, "I'm as mad over this as I've ever been in my entire life. When you try to tell me I can't do a song onstage, that's the final straw.

"I've never made a political statement in my life," the singer/bassist continued. "but this stuff's got to stop. I want the kids to respond to this and Vote Like A Beast!

Getting fans to react and vote these "maniacs" out of office is one thing. Exerting control over his own band is another matter entirely. Keeping guitarist Chris Holmes in line is a job even the fearless Blackie Lawless dreads.

"While I was in Australia recently, Chris was arrested again," reported Blackie. "He claims he went outside his house to break up a fight, but my sources tell me he was running around outside with no pants on. From what I gather, he actually got hauled in for creating a public nuisance."

Perhaps Blackie's chaperoning duties would be easier were he to enlist the aid of his giant associate, Mongo. Mongo and his brother, Homeboy, are the two gargantuan Georgians who run the W.A.S.P. souvenir-merchandising operation .

"Those two cats are about 350 pounds each,'' claimed Blackie. "They're built kind of like sumo wrestlers. They could be mistaken for the big brothers of Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top)!"

When the hard-working frontman isn't busy playing social worker to the more rambunctious members of W.A.S.P., he withdraws from the world of rock-and-roll rampage for some peace and quiet with his gorgeous ladyfriend Monica. The highly visible model, who appears in W.A.S.P.'s videos for Blind In Texas and Wild Child, is, in Blackie's opinion, "a real hunk."

"We're real fond of the beach at Malibu," revealed Blackie. "We'll drive out there at midnight, and take along a bottle of champagne. It's kind of weird when you swim at night though, when it's real dark," he continued. "You start conjuring up images of Jaws, and vou wonder, 'Is that her I'm touching, or something else.'''

Mr. Great Outdoors has also been known to spend his leisure time at less-remote spots than the beach at Malibu. One of his favorite L.A. hangouts is Trader Vic's, the notorious Hawaiian restaurant known coast to coast for its potent drinks.

"They make the most vicious Mai-Tais you've ever tasted in your life," said the hard-living musician. "The most I've ever managed is four. They're huge things—killers ! A couple of times, they had to pour me into a cab, and I had to come back the next day when I was sober to pick up my car!"

In the meantime, with a clean bill of health in hand and a tour underway, W.A.S.P.'s leader is looking forward to recording the band's next LP. Four songs slated for the disc are already written, and the album project should take W.A.S.P. through the summer. During that time, they'll probably see enough of L.A. to last them the two years they expect to spend on their upcoming world tour.

"That's going to be a big one," are the only words Blackie could find to describe the planned global assault. If W.A.S.P. survives the threats coming their way here at home, the world will surely be their oyster. Asked if he would want the band to continue in his absence should he "go down" for the rock cause, Blackie was as confident as ever.

"If they could find somebody who made a fitting replacement. I know the band would continue to be as vicious as they are now. And they'd know I'd be watching!"

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