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Date: 15 Sep 1997 19:19:05 EDT

To all the loyal W.A.S.P. fans,
If you are interested in joining the official W.A.S.P. Nation sanctioned by Blackie Lawless, send your name, address, city, state, zip, and phone to:

or email it to us at DOCROCKTER@AOL.COM.

The W.A.S.P. Nation is going to be huge. each memeber can choose whatever membership package they would like to join. One of the memberships include an official W.A.S.P. laminated pass that will get you backstage to any concert in any city or country. Each membership package will include different merchandise along with an official quarterly newsletter with info on upcoming concerts, CD releases, a home video release, appearances, a whole new line of merchandise, exclusive limited editions only available to members and so much more! W.A.S.P. is going to be doing some killer stuff in the next year, so stay tuned! It's their 15th anniversary and W.A.S.P. is still kickin'! So send your information in and we will keep you posted! Also if any W.A.S.P. fans would like to ask some questions, just send them in and we will select a few for the first issue of W.A.S.P. Nation! Send them to



The official U.S. fan club! No membership fees, you just pay per issue (around $2) which comes out from time to time. For more info, contact:
Derek A. Anderson and/or Alex Martinez
c/o S.A.V.A.G.E.
2389 Airport Hwy.
Toledo, Ohio 43609

W.A.S.P. Warriors

The official French W.A.S.P. Fan Club !
write to: Thomas Inglebert
W.A.S.P. Warriors
12 Avenue Gourgaud
75017 Paris

W.A.S.P. Warriors Web page

Italian Fan Club

Anno di costituzione: 1994
Servizi offerti: nella fanzine ci sono biografie del gruppo e dei singoli componenti, interviste esclusive, testi inediti, recensioni di concerti in Italia e all'estero, rubrica per i collezionsiti e rubrica che raccoglie le domande degli iscritti al gruppo; una news letter trimestrale offre notizie sempre aggiornate; contatti con collaboratori all'estero e soprattutto con il F.C. americano.
Fanzine: THUNDERHEAD, A4 fotocopiata in B/N, 24 pp., quadrimestrale.
c/o Sonia Giansanti, Viale Abruzzi 28 - 20131 MI

[I don't know exactly where this came from, but I found it in my Eudora "attatchments" folder, so someone must have sent it to me attatched to an e-mail, but I don't know who or when. And since I don't speak Italian, I don't know what it says, either.]

Black Forever

The Spanish Fan Club

Spanish speaking W.A.S.P. fans can contact:
Marisa G.
C/ Perez de Ayala N╝ 2 2╝ Izq.
33208 GijŚn Asturias

Does anyone have any information on fan clubs in other countries? Come on, I know there's got to be more of you guys out there!

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