April 16, 1993
The Squeeze, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The Pedophile's Dream bootleg CD
1. Get Your Gunn
2. Filth
3. Suicide Snowman
4. Dope Hat
5. White Knuckles
6. Sweet Tooth
7. Wrapped In Plastic
8. Lunchbox
9. Choklit Factory
10. Misery Machine
11. Thrift
12. Cake And Sodomy
13. Dune Buggy
There are two versions of this show being traded- an audio only version, and an incomplete video version. The sound on the video is better than the audio, but is not complete. This show is the source of the Pedophile's Dream bootleg CD. It's also worth noting that the "pseudo morals work real well" part of the song is sung with a different melody than the final album version, and has the only know live performance of Sweet Tooth. .

Special thanks to Kobe Watkins for the hi-res copy of the flyer!