July 31, 1992
Davie, Florida
Plus Five Lounge
"The Last Spooky Kids Show"

1. Thrift
2. Luci In The Sky With Demons
3. Learning To Swim
4. Cake & Sodomy
5. White Knuckles
6. Dope Hat
7. Lunchbox
8. Cyclops
9. Misery Machine
10. My Monkey
11. Suicide Snowman

This show was billed as "The Last Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Show" and it was, because it was announced at this show that the band was officially shortening its name to "Marilyn Manson." It's should also be noted that this show is often listed as 8/1/03 which is partially correct because the band apparently took the stage at midnight. This show has been widely traded on video.

Thanks to Erik (Atrac) for providing the flyer!