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Can can you buy diflucan over the counter in canada i buy diflucan over the counter in canada ? anon165078 Post 65 Is Diflucan right for me? anon164967 Post 64 I'm going to be 29 soon and I don't want to be pregnant. I've been taking Diflucan for a long time and I'm not sure whether it could kill me. I've heard a rumor that if you get pregnant, then a certain amount of Diflucan will cause your baby to abort because the Diflucan can cause abortion. Is dangerous in this way? anon162872 Post 63 My friend is pregnant and she just got off Diflucan. How soon is it that you should take Diflucan? How much I be taking or using to do and not take Diflucan? anon162297 Post 62 Is there any way for me to get my insurance pay for Diflucan? anon161166 Post 61 Diflucan pills with the blue stripe are more expensive than the pills without blue stripe in Canada (a lot more expensive!). How about a combination of Diflucan and Diflucan-D if you take your pills with Diflucan-D? anon142972 Post 59 Can anyone tell me what I am really getting with Diflucan? What is the problem with Diflucan not working? anon138869 Post 58 I can only take 5mg of Diflucan in powder form...which is very weak, so I have a hard time taking the pills! Is that a problem? anon137423 Post 57 What are some facts about Diflucan for women? Is it safe? How do they work, and for what? Could Diflucan harm drugstore bb cream recommendations my baby? anon134936 Post 56 my mom says that if you want to have a baby, stay away from the Diflucan! It can harm you in a few days and it is so expensive! She said that it was to be taken only on the first day of your period. And it is very effective, so she willing to pay huge prices for this pill. anon131733 Post 55 I took a Diflucan pill for almost week and I felt awful. My stomach swelled up and I felt hot uncomfortable all over. Can anyone help please? I was afraid it would make me become impregnated, but still did not get pregnant. anon118685 Post 54 @anon92892: the blue stripe is a symbol for female reproductive health issues, so in that sense you could argue a Diflucan pill does have some influence over a woman's reproductive health for the purpose of preventing pregnancy (by delaying ovulation -- hence the blue stripe), which is why it should be included as part of one's hormonal routine.

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