"November 22, 1989" video

There is a video that has been widely circulated and is listed with most traders as "11/89." This date is incorrect, however, as the Spooky Kids played their first show on April 28, 1990. According to this post on alt.music.marilyn-manson, Grim Jack said

> Hey kids, the latest on the '89 video. The date is NOT 1989 on this tape,
> the show took place at the Reunion Room in Ft. Lauderdale in mid to late
> 1990. So the date we all have is wrong. Also this show marks the first
> appearance of Madonna Wayne Gacy as a member of Marilyn Manson. Also MWG
> was NOT a roadie for the band prior to joining MM, he was "this weird guy
> we ran into at bars all the time and Brian talked him into getting a sampler."

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