White Trash Volume Two : 1991 Lunchbox Demos

Hurricane Records 1996

Tracks Listed
Actual Tracks
1. Dune Buggy 1. Dune Buggy
2. My Monkey 2. My Monkey
3. Learning To Swim 3. Learning To Swim
4. Cake and Sodomy 4. Cake and Sodomy
5. Negative 3 1/2 5. Negative 3
6. Lunchbox 6. Lunchbox
7. Choklit Factory 7. Choklit Factory
8. Cyclops 8. Cyclops
9. Dreams Of Amputation 9. Dreams Of Amputation
10. Blender 10. Blender / Kill House
11. Kill House 11. Cyclops
12. Cyclops 12. White Knuckles
13. Maskathon 13. My Monkey

As listed on the cover:
Tracks 1-4 Lunchbox Demos 1991
Tracks 5-8 After School Special 1991
Tracks 9-11 Rough 4 Track Demos (for film soundtrack)
Tracks 12-13 "Suicide Is Beautiful" (Outtakes 1991)

The second volume in a set of three bootlegs of Spooky Kids demos, and the source of a lot of incorrect information over the years. First of all, according to Scott Putesky, the Soundtrack Demos are not in any way related to the Spooky Kids or any Manson side project. They are simply fakes added on by the bootleggers to fill out up the CD. The Suicide Is Beautiful Outtakes are more fakes as well, and in actuality are just the Grist-o-line and Big Black Bus versions of the songs.

The sound quality here is merely average, and there are better sources of this material out there. However, this is the original source of the Soundtrack Demo fakes. So far, no one has been able to identify the original artist who created these songs.

A few other mistakes on the disc... Dune Buggy cuts off at the wrong place, and the Choklit Cow outro part is tacked on to the beginning of My Monkey. Blender and Kill House are also tacked together into one track.

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