The Raw Boned Psalms

The semi-unnofficial first tape, and only one to feature Brian Tutunick (aka Olivia Newton Bundy) on bass. This tape was previously unknown to the internet fan community prior to the release of Demysitifying The Devil, but during an interview segment with Tutunick it was shown briefly. contacted Tutunick, and he said that it was not his copy shown in the documentary (it was most likely Missie Romero's) but he is looking for his copy and will hopefully soon be able to provide us with a clean cover scan, and a track listing. He also said that the tape was from an early rehearsal session.

It also should be noted that Scott does not recognize this tape, and stands by his previous statements that Big Black Bus was the first demo tape officially released by the band. We're further trying to clarify how this was put together without his involvement.

In Scott's discography he sent us, he notes that there was one song called "All Fall Down" from April 1990 (which confirmed the existence of the long-rumored song) that he described as the "first live-in-rehearsal track w/ Bundy/Tetunick (same lyrics as in Meat For A Queen)." Seeing as Tutunick said Raw Boned Psalms was from an early recording session, it would stand to reason that this track may have been included.

Track List:
1. All Fall Down (?)

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