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Dead In Chicago 1995
Flim Flam Records
1. Intro - Wrapped In Plastic 6:18
2. Snake Eyes And Sissies 3:37
3. Get Your Gunn 3:34
4. Dogma 3:36
5. Cake And Sodomy 3:35
6. Down In The Park (listed as Not Lovers Not Friends) 4:18
7. Dope Hat 4:17
8. My Monkey 5:46
9. Irresponsible Hate Anthem 3:52
10. Organ Grinder 3:58
11. Lunchbox 4:41
12. Cake And Sodomy 5:40
13. Red (In My) Head 4:43
14. Dune Buggy 3:50
15. White Knuckles 3:48
16. People Who Died 2:04

Tracks 1-11 from Chicago 1995
Tracks 12-16 from the mislabled "11/89" show that is actually from late 1990.

The Chicago show is an excellent audience recording, featuring an early version of IHA with Daisy on guitar. Also, the chorus from Beautiful People is worked into My Monkey, and lyrics from Mr. Superstar are worked into Lunchbox.

The sound is barely listenable on the 1990 tracks, but they're still interesting because they're the only know live recordings of Red (In My) Head and People Who Died (a Jim Carroll cover). Cake And Sodomy starts out with a repeated sample of Charles Manson saying "The only thing that makes reality is death. Then you hang it on a cross and kneel down a pray to it," which isn't on the full version of the show (maybe it's from the end of Lunchbox before it?) then fades into the end of Junk The Magic Dragon before actually starting Cake And Sodomy.

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